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Water Sources & Availability

Long Creek Falls

The Georgia Appalachian Trail Club (GATC) is an all volunteer organization and is not able to monitor water availability on a daily basis, but does monitor the availability of water as a part of the Trail Management Plan.

It is recommended that hikers filter, boil or chemically treat all water before consumption or use.  Water purity in the backcountry cannot be guaranteed.  The GATC does recommend that hikers replenish personal water supplies while on trail whenever water is available.

Please note that in colder months, some springs may freeze.

For the latest weather conditions and forecast, check the Appalachian Trail Planner site or the Appalachian Trail Weather site.

In the linked table, we use the following definitions:

  • Good - Water level is in the range of normal, full flow and water collection is easily accomplished
  • Low - Collection remains easy, though may take more time or use of alternate pool or cascade.
  • Marginal - Water level is noticeably low. Collection is significantly impacted requiring more time and perhaps 'scooping' of water out of low pools.
  • Dry - Effective collection not possible. Water is very shallow or not existant. Source should be considered dry and unusable.

Water Availability Report - May 2022