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Maps & Elevation Profiles

About This Data

This data was gathered by volunteers from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club over a number of years.  It is believed to be accurate but there is always the possibility of errors or omissions.  The trail route is updated soon after changes in the trail are made.  We are continuing to gather and refine data on trail features.  We suggest for planning trips on the AT that you use the guide books and maps produced by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.  For access to the AT from Forest Service roads, consult the Chattahoochee National Forest Map available from the USFS and outdoor stores as well as a PDF version on the web.

  • Georgia Appalachian Trail Map  – This map in PDF format is intended to show the general location of the AT in Georgia and mileages between access points and shelters. To view and print more detailed maps, see the interactive map, below.
  • Georgia Appalachian Trail Profile - These pages are also in PDF format and are intended to provide a representation of the trail elevation changes in Georgia in diagram format. The profiles include the AT in Georgia, the Approach Trail and the Hike Inn Trail, which parallels the Approach Trail.

Interactive Map for Georgia Appalachian TrailAppalachian Trail in Georgia

This interactive map of the Georgia AT is hosted on the CalTopo website. On the left of the screen are features that can be displayed. The page opens with all of the features expanded. The first thing you should do is click on “Geo” beneath the Appalachian Trail section to collapse it and repeat for others. The check marks determine whether the feature is displayed. You can expand any of these to select or deselect individual features. In the upper right hand corner, there is a selector for the map displayed in the background. The USGS 7.5’ and the USFS layers are best. The secondary layer “Normal” provides the Shaded Relief for the 3D effect. At the upper left is a zoom control. The Config tab allows control of the map display. Data can be exported in GPX and KML format for use with other programs such as Google Earth. The Print tab allows creation of a PDF of pages you define by positioning rectangles on the map. The CalTopo tab provides documentation. In addition there are numerous YouTube videos about using CalTopo.





If you click on a trail, you can select one of several options. Terrain Statistics createTrail Elevations a profile and other statistics about the trail. Beneath the profile are three bands showing slope angle, land cover, and tree cover. It is possible to save this as PNG or PDF. This profile is made by CalTopo using a grid of elevation points instead of the elevation from the GPS data. The elevation values will usually be a little understated at peaks, but the general shape is correct and a good guide to elevation gain and loss.











Hawk Mountain Campsite This map shows the new Hawk Mountain Campsite, completed in February 2016, and located about .5 miles trail south of the trail to the Hark Mountain Shelter. This campsite, spread along a 2170 foot long trail, has 30 tent pads 3 of which are handicap accessible, 3 food storage boxes, a privy, and a water source.