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Georgia A.T. License Tag

Do you live in Georgia?  If so, do you have an A.T. license tag?  It's a great way to support ATC/GATC efforts to maintain and protect the trail, as well as to increase our education and outreach efforts.  In 2013, GATC received approval from the Georgia Legislature to begin receiving a portion of the fee from each A.T. vehicle tag issued in the state.

The funds will be sent to ATC, however GATC's agreement with ATC provides for a substantial portion of the proceeds to be dedicated to AT Tagspecific projects and initiatives that will benefit the trail and its corridor in Georgia.

GATC and ATC have developed a grant process that will allow for the funds to be allocated to specific projects. The AT Tag Grant Process involves several steps.  The first step is to download the guidlines and instructions.  Next there are three forms required, an endorsement from the Georgia AT Club, an endorsement from the appropriate Federal Agency, and finally the Grant Application Form.  The deadline for submission is usually the middle of each year.  Click here to view information on the ATC website and download the forms. You'll need to scroll through the page to locate information regarding the Georgia program. Follow the instructions you'll find to submit an application for consideration.